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David Steven





I am director of River Path Associates - a British knowledge consultancy with ideas above its station. I am also a Senior Non-Resident Fellow of the Center on International Cooperation, a Senior Nonresident Fellow at the Brookings Institution, a board member of the World Risk Review, and I also co-edit Global Dashboard

Over the past few years, I have worked on a range of global issues, including risk and resilience, climate change, resource scarcity, international relations, international institutional reform, globalisation, access to pharmaceuticals, the impact of new technologies, governance, finance, entrepreneurship, higher education, and the AIDS epidemic. Some of my clients are listed to the left.

Current projects include leading the Resource Scarcity and Climate Change project and working on the post-2015 framework at NYU, and the development of a research programme on youth and demographics for the British Council in Pakistan. Other recent work has included developing an education programme in Pakistan for the Department of International Development; exploring the impact on the global system of migration, fragile states, and climate change, contributing to the NIC’s work on global governance in 2025; analysing the impact of demographic change on Nigeria and Pakistan; developing a case study of the impact of scarcity in Pakistan; and a review of the geopolitics of energy.

I am capable of making a decent stab at being a journalist, an academic, a strategic consultant, a policy analyst and a qualitative researcher; have been known to talk at the occasional conference; and am open to taking further non-executive roles (especially on a pro-bono basis for non-profits).

I live and work from Wimborne, a market town in Dorset, England.

If you want the full story or a copy of my CV, contact me at: david-at-davidsteven.com




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